Heineken was all about celebrating the beer drinker. It was a brand for man of the world, or as they were called: ‘Legends’. Big TV ads showed these legends do extraordinary stuff in an amazing display of worldliness. 

While working for ad agency Wieden+Kennedy we were asked to create a ‘making of’ video of one of those ads. Now, unlike movie ‘making ofs', advertising ‘making ofs' sparkle with dullness. Besides, an ordinary ‘making of’ would probably dismantle the legendariness of the Legend anyways. So why not make a ‘making of’ that would enhance his status?

Introducing the first fake ‘making of’, or Faking Of. A ‘making of’ in which the Legend actually does more amazingly amazing stuff for real than in the clearly created realm of the TV ad. 

The faking of was so well received that Heineken rolled it out as their cinema advertising and it went on to win a Silver Cannes Lion and the Film Grand-Prix at the Eurobest Awards.